Philosophy and Services


The philosophy at Kuranga & Associates is in every situation "Move Forward". Our expertise an strategy is to project investment risks before they occur, while designing and developing solutions that will assist investors to move in the direction of their most ambitious goals and objectives. Our emphasis is not on providing investment advisory services, but on delivering a result; an assurance of a specified outcome even in a volatile an unstable climate.


Kuranga & Associates Global has industry experienced professionals that are intimately knowledgeable of a wide array of innovative 
solutions.  We provide investment advisory services with a hands-on approach and goal-orienteconcentration designed to provide clients with total confidence of high-quality results even in volatile and unstable conditions. We keep our clients informed about the best ways to reduce their exposure to risks while investing in emerging economies covering every aspect of a project including development, implementation logistics, securing contracts, outsourcing, import and export risk and political risk management, business intelligence, market analysis, M & A advisory, capital restructuring, corporate finance, and private public partnership advisory services. 

K & A Global starts a new Venture Capital Fund!

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